Topics: Africa, HIV, AIDS Pages: 3 (1078 words) Published: January 6, 2014
Aids in Africa— Gabby Smith

The origin of aids in Africa are not fully known but scientist do believe that it has a background to something called SIV (which they believe came from primates that live in Guinea-Bissau). They found the first traces of this in humans of the area, around the time of the 1930's. The epidemic began to start in the early 1960's when there were only approximately 2,000 cases (of HIV) that were known of at the time. A decade later the community of Kinshasa was reported to have been the first place in the world with a “hetro-sexual” advancement with HIV. Many believe that it was carried by an infected self who then transferred the infection to another person in that area. Suddenly though, many people had it because of the sexual structure that was going on during that time frame. By the time of the early 1980's more than five more countries (in Africa) had reached a pandemic level with the infection. Some of the main reasons that it spread so fast was because of sex-workers, low understanding of STIs, and vulgar views of women (men believing they could over rule women and do whatever they wanted to them). Later pregnant women began contracting the virus and that was carried on to their babies because they had no protection against breastfeeding or any possible way of getting the drugs they would need. By the 1990's they were trying to look for a cure but they still have not found it. Even so the population living with AIDS in Africa is so great, it would be near impossible to cure them all.

Majority of the people kept saying the same type if things; the AIDS epidemic needs to be stopped so people can live a fulfilling, long life. People all over the world are willing to give money to this because they find it to be a good cause. However there are other counties who say they want to find a cure to their own diseases first. Incinerated Murder Scene says “We have to put our own country first.” Obtek1 says “Don't get me wrong I'm all...
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