Aicpa vs Ima Length of code

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Difference in the length of codes

The AICPA code of professional conduct applies to all professionals who have their CPA license and who are members to the organization. Their code is massive compared to the IMA and IIA, because they are focused on the profession as a whole and not just a specific sector. The IMA deals with the management and financial accountants, while the IIA is for the internal auditors. Each of these separate fields have their own principles designed to keep their professionals in accordance to job duties. The codes of all three include the underlying principles of competence, confidentiality, integrity, and objectivity. Without these the public would have no trust in accountants since they would be interested in personal gain and have no objectivity when they were performing their job. This is where the AICPA code goes more in depth than the IMA and IIA. This AICPA code sets the rules that apply to all in the profession including those in management accounting and auditing. The rules set in stone what actions are allowed and which actions are not. If an individual chooses not to follow the set rules and guidelines they will be punished by the severity of their actions. This could result in the revoking of their CPA license or a small fine. The codes are meant for one specific purpose and that is to keep the public trust in all the actions and services provided by accountants. This is accomplished by the separate fields setting their own principles to go along with the AICPA’s main principles and rules to make sure an ethical decision is made every time.
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