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asaasasasasasasasagftyjytjktytjtrhhthffg rbrtgrs retfser gse rfesfsafse r. One ethos the author uses is the parents role involved with their students education. As a parent, who has "preserved a lively and still evolving passion for good books..", they want to get their own students to follow society's old ways to enjoy reading literature in a source of pleasure rather than force. The author also uses the students to appeal her ethos. She senses that the love of reading all starts in a room full of people who have a love of literature, but from student to student that is false. Her audience could either agree or disagree to her case.

2. Prose's negative words is to give the audience a right away heads up what her whole essay will be about. She starts to give her audience the choice whether throughout the whole essay to think about if they should agree to what she has to say or automatically disagree to it. The readers are put to risk because their response is either going to be a "wow I agree with Prose" or the total opposite to that, but she was so strong in her opinion to write a strong worthy essay. In her essay, she also presents a negative feel when she states, "Given the fact that these early encounters with literature leave such indelible impressions, it would seem doubly important to make sure that high school students are actually reading literature."

3. The author shows off a lot of bias statements that are said in a professional way. She talks about the different literary books that her sons have a read, and suggest that the teachers doesn't suggest books that "teenagers might enjoy" but rather have them read the "weaker novels" such has John Steinbeck. Also, she adds that its astonishing that high schools students that effect them not being involved with the books, that undergraduate and graduate would be handicapped writers by how little literature that have been avoiding.

5. The different novels and plays that are talked about in Prose's...
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