Aguinaga Maria Business Case 4 Chapter 8

Topics: United States, Attack, Master boot record Pages: 2 (380 words) Published: April 14, 2015
Chapter #8 - Case Study
The Looming Threat of Cyberwarfare

1. Question – Cyberwarfare is a serious problem
Answer: because cyberwarfare is more complex than conventional warfare. Cyberwarfare is Internet based conflict that involves political motivated attacks on information systems. Cyberwarfare attacks are disabling financial systems and communication networks. This is a serious problem because the potential targets for these attacks are military power grids but this cyberwarfare is targeting MNC, technology firms, and news organizations. This causes Obama (who is the official first cyberwarfare president) to not only worry about who is attacking his military but who is attacking and targeting his country.

2. Question – There are people, organizations and technologies that are responsible for cyberwarfare. These include People: Representatives of Congress are responsible because they failed to pass two executive orders that President Obama wanted to pass in 2012. Organization: The Obama administration is also responsible for cyberwarfare because in 2013, they accused the Chinese government and P.L.A. for attacking the U.S. government. They wanted to avoid the confrontation because the U.S. needed the help of China in dealing with the military and nuclear threat created by North Korea and Iran. Technology: There was something called a wiper agent named Dark Seoul, which overrates the master boot record (MBR). North Korea attacked the Chinese-written Gondad exploit kit, which attacked and infected PCs. This created a zombie computer and the attackers had access to any information.

3. Question – There are some solutions for the cyberwarfare problem. These solutions include Solution one: the Obama administration began helping all Asian and Middle Eastern allies in enforcing their computer network defenses against any threats coming from North Korea and Iran. They have been helping them by also supplying any advanced hardware, software and training...
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