Agriscience Foundations: Course Description

Topics: Scientific method, Agriculture, National FFA Organization Pages: 3 (588 words) Published: October 22, 2010
Agriscience Foundations

Ms. Roberts
Room D-108
352-797-7020 ext. 236

Course Description: This course is designed to develop competencies in the areas of agricultural history and the global impact of agriculture; career opportunities; scientific and research concepts; biological and physical science principles; environmental principles; agriscience safety; principles of leadership; and agribusiness, employability, and human relations skills in agriscience. Laboratory-based activities are an integral part of this course. These include the safe use and application of appropriate technology, scientific testing and observation equipment. This is the base course for all other Agriculture classes at Central High School.

Course Fee: $30.00

*Course Requirements:*

• This course will require a pair of close toed shoes for use in lab environments. Students are welcome to use a locker located in the classroom if they do not wish to wear close toed shoes to school. Failure to wear close toed shoes will result in deduction of participation points.

• Students will also need a 3 ring folder, with notebook paper, that will be used as a participation journal.

• Students are required to conduct themselves in a professional manner when in a laboratory setting. Violation of any safety procedure will result in removal from the laboratory and a zero given as a participation grade.


• The students will have a participation journal that he or she will have to record participation each time we do a lab outside. This journal will be checked on a regular basis. Participation in this class is crucial and will be heavily weighed on final grade. Accommodations will be made for students who are unable to participate because of a disability.

• The students will have small quizzes on each of the units presented in this class, which will use to evaluate information obtained from the unit taught. Other small projects students can look...
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