Agriculture Transfer

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Agricultural Technology Transfer Brazil- Africa
Camila Cristina Soares
Professor Mark Buchman


This article aims to present how the transfer of agricultural technology between Brazil and Africa is benefic to both. As well as, to quote ongoing projects that exist with Embrapa assistance and reaffirm that through this projects, the African Continent regards a solution for its major issues, such as poverty and hunger, as well as the benefits of it all to Brazil.

1. Africa's Demographic Data

Africa is the third largest continent in the world, with approximately 30 millions square kilometers, is the second most populous continent, with about 900 million people and contains 54 independent countries (but there still are colonies such as Santa Helena and Mayotte). There's a lot of ethnicities and tribes inside of it's territory, considering the parameter of division between White Africa - or Arabe- (Mauritania, North Africa and Western Sahara) and Black Africa. Your inter tropical localization presents the climates equatorial, deserts, savanna, sahel and steppe. The ethnicities are diverse such as Arabian, Egyptian, Berber, Jewish, Sudanese, Bantu, Nilotic, Pygmy and Swahili. There is also a diversity of religions such as, Christianity, Islamism, Hinduism, Animism, and a lot of politest tribes. The most spoken languages are Arabian, English, French Portuguese, Spanish and Afrikaner.

2 Agricultural Technology Transfer from Brazil to African Countries

Africa is a continent devastated by hunger, diseases and civil wars, like the war in Sudan, whose tribes that lived in this place lost completly their plantation area and cattle because of militia's sabotage. Brazil is known for it's skills in research in agriculture, agribusiness and food technology, today concentrated basically in the Embrapa (The Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation).

These researches aim alternatives for the planting of food, changing it to became more resistant to climate conditions and plagues and also increasing their nutrients so it can aid the health of the consumers, specially in regions that suffer from hunger issues. Thus, we have a scenery of need and offer between the countries, and a partnership in transfer of agricultural technology from Brazil to Africa would bring benefits to both. Brazil could develop even more it's technology (that could actually be used in Brazil's northeast region, where there's also hunger problems), it would strengthen the South-South relations, and Africa could contemplate a new future taking advantage of these technologies, implementing the plantation of vegetables that trough the labs would be able to adjust to the desert climate, and still fortified with nutrients that could help on the health and hunger issues.


Embrapa (The Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation) is a governmental institute bound to Brazil's Agricultural Ministry. Your goal is to develop technologies, knowledge and technical- scientific information aimed to agriculture and livestock. It's mission is to " viable research solutions, development and innovation to the sustainability of agriculture, to benefit the brazilian society". (, 2012) In terms of international cooperation, Embrapa holds 78 bilateral agreements of technical cooperation with over 56 countries and 89 institutions, as well as multilateral agreements with more than 20 international organizations, involving mainly the research with partnerships. They keep virtual labs around the world (LABEX) for the development of research, prospecting trends in knowledge in countries like USA, France, England, Holland and South Korea. Also have an office in Ghana-Africa, to share technological and scientific knowledge along with African countries, and more recently also with Panama and Venezuela, aiming performance inside Latin America. (embrapa.2012) The corporation have in it's mission to transfer technology to developing countries...

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