Agriculture - Short Essay

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Agriculture has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I have lived on a fram all of my life working around cattle and horses. From working cattle to worming horses I have done it all. Having this experience has made me want to peruse a degree in animal science. I will be attending Black Hawk College in Kewanee, Illinois in the fall of 2012. I am going to double major in Horse Technology and Equestrian Science.

With these majors it gives me a wide variety of jobs I can get after the two years of schooling. I can go to a four year for more schooling or go straight to working. Some of the jobs I can get after school are a vet tech, stable manager, salesperson in tack, and a trainer. While in school I will be getting supervised on-the-job experience working on a farm or in stables.

I am taking my horse Rio to the school with me as well to help me in my schooling with the different classes I will be taking. He will stay in the stables on campus with the other students that are in the program. I will work with him during my classes and in the spring of 2014 I will be training a two year old colt to ride myself. Through the other 3 semesters Rio will be on campus being ridden and taken care of.

I chose to go to Black Hawk for there Ag program and also it's a smaller school so I'll be able to move in and be more comfortable. The program that I am going into isn't at every school. The school is out of state but it was the best fit for me and what I wanted. I chose this field of study because this is what I know. I have been around animals all my life with showing cattle and riding horses. It has taught me many life skills that some kids never learn. This is a previlige that I'm glad I got to enjoy growing up. I love being around animals so it's a good fit into my life.
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