Agriculture of Pakistan - Essay

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The economy of every country is mainly dependent on three major sectors, which are agriculture, industries and commerce respectively. All these sectors are somehow or the other interlinked with each other. This means, that progress or underdevelopment of one sector may have some significant effects on the other sectors indirectly. The state of Pakistan, due to its geographical location and seasonal changes is regarded optimum for agricultural development. And since Pakistan is an agricultural country, so the profits gained by this particular sector is of much more significance than other sectors of economical development. The agriculture sector in Pakistan is of much importance as it ensures provision of necessary food to its people. Along with this, it also provides the necessary raw material for many industries of the country which majorly deal with the production of food products directly or indirectly and also is the basis of trade between countries all over the world. (W. F. Hall, 1965)

The statistics provide the necessary information and makes it quite evident that how much importance does the agriculture sector has in developing the economy of Pakistan. According to the study of R. Faruqee (1999), the foreign exchange that is earned every year by agricultural exports is approximately 45% of the entire exports of Pakistan. This is really a significant percentage, backing up the fact that it contributes 26% of the GDP of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan every year. Another important point to clarify the significance of agricultural sector in Pakistan is that of the fact that 52% of total population of the country, directly or indirectly, earns its livelihood through agriculture. Of course, it could be understood by the fact that a major portion of the population of the country, 67.5% to be exact, are living in the rural areas of the country...

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