Agriculture Co Operatives in Bangladesh

Topics: Marketing, Nike, Inc., Tiger Woods Pages: 2 (498 words) Published: November 30, 2012
NIKE is the largest seller of athletic footwear athletic apparel and other athletic gear in the world, with about 30 percent market share worldwide. NIKE markets its product under its own brand, as well as NIKE golf, Nike pro, Air Jordan, Team starter, and subsidiaries, including Bauer, cole haan, Hurley international and converse. The company sells its products through a mix of independent distributors, licencees, and subsidiaries in approximately 120 countries worldwide. Nike has grown from an 8000 dollar company in 1963 to a company with revenues of 19.65 billion dollar for the year ended May 31,2008. Nike has spent huge amount of money in advertising, Endorsement, and sales promotion. And to make sure to themselves that the money has been spent in a right way, Nike has relies on marketing research. Though the world of sports is dynamic in nature so Nike has used the marketing research process to find out the unique idea. Today nike brand is recognize by all person and child in the world. And this is called the 40 years of work and innovation. Nike has invented by marketing research that the mass people is very much influenced by the small group of top athletes. It wants to convey a message that it brings innovation to every athlete in the world.

Celebrity endorsement such as Ronaldo, Tiger woods and others have shown excellence in their field. After a huge market research Nike has understand that it must appeal into multiple market segments. Nike divided the market into three different groups, the ultimate athlete, the athletic participant, and the consumer who is influenced by the sports culture. The first segment is the professional athlete. The second is the participants who participants in the sports group but do not see themselves as athlete or as being part of the larger sport. The third segments are those who influence others and being influenced by the sports people. Based on marketing research Nike uses different strategies for the...
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