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 Geography SBA

Name: Hasani Farquharson
Subject: Geography

The Main Aim is:
To identify and describe the characteristics of a small farm located in Rosemount, Linstead, St Catherine.

In order to identify and describe the characteristics of the farm the following methodologies were employed: 1. A visit was made to the Rosemount farm in Linstead, St Catherine on September 22, 2012. 2. A questionnaire was designed and used to interview the owners of the farm in order to obtain pertinent information. 3. Pictures were taken of the farm inclusive of the various crops and animals 4. I observed the farm in terms of how the land is used, the various farming methods employed by the farmers along with the type of crops grown and the type of animals reared.

Data Analysis
Agriculture is practiced mainly by small farmers in Jamaica. The farm visited in Rosemount, Linstead, St Catherine will be discussed under the following sub-headings: The farmer
The location
Size of farm
Crops grown and animals reared
Farming practices

Rosemount Farm
The Farmer
The farmer is a male in the 25-60 years age group. He has been working full time in farming for 20 years. He is the owner of the farm land. There are three adults in his household. The location
The farm is located in Rosemount. Linstead, St Catherine. The distance from the farmer’s house to his farm is 200ft and about half mile from the town of Linstead. The size of the farm
The size of the Rosemount farm is eight hectares which includes 6 sections of plots used to plant various crops. This is the usual size of small farms in the Caribbean because small farms size usually range from zero to ten hectares. Markets

Britain and other European countries have traditionally been the main export markets for Caribbean agriculture. Due to increased competition, the Caricom market has become more important for regional agriculture. In Jamaica, small scale farmers mainly market their crops in the following ways: Directly to supermarkets such as: Shoppers Fair, and Hi-Lo. Higglers that come mainly from around the St Catherine area, includes Spanish town and Linstead. Directly to hotels some of which include: Altamont Court Hotel, Terra Nova All Suit Hotel, The Liguanea Club and The Spanish Court Hotel. Selling at monthly farmers market which is coordinated by Rural Agriculture Development Authority (R.A.D.A). To manufacturing companies like Grace Kennedy Ltd

Directly to consumers
The produce from Rosemount farm is marketed in the following ways: Directly to higglers and export to the Caricom of Antigua and Barbuda The Caricom market has proven to very profitable for the Rosemount farmer and therefore allows him to adequately take care of his family, workers and will enable him to use some of the profits for future expansion of his farm. Labour

Rosemount farm employs four female workers to assist with farming activities. No family member is employed to the farm. Additional labour is required on the farm to assist with the following farming activities. Ploughing

Feeding and attending to the animals

Crops Grown and Livestock
On the farm, the farmer uses most of the land for planting of crops such as: Oranges
Scotch bonnet pepper
Sweet pepper
Red pepper

Cucumbers: These were found on Sweet pepper: These were also found on Rosemount farm Rosemount farm
Climate is the average state of the weather; weather is concerned with daily changes in temperature, wind, cloud and rains in general the state of the atmosphere. When we examine the climate of Jamaica we are chiefly concerned with: Temperature (degree of heat and cold)

Winds (their movement and direction)
Rainfall (its causes and its seasons)
The tropical climate...
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