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Agriculture is central to economic growth and development in Pakistan. Being the dominant sector it contributes 21.4 percent to GDP, employs 45 percent of the country’s labour force and contributes in the growth of other sectors of the economy. During 2012-13, agriculture sector exhibited a growth of 3.3 percent on the back of positive growth in agriculture related sub sectors, Crops grew at 3.2 percent, Livestock 3.7 percent, Forestry 0.1 percent and Fishing 0.7 percent. The agriculture subsector component which includes important crops other percent respectively. As the performance of agriculture sector dependent upon weather condition, timely availability of input (water). During 2012-13 weather condition and water situation has an impact on these Kharif crops that paved the way for decrease in output of rice and cotton crops.

Agriculture growth percentages (Base=2005-06):

Other crops that contributed 12.3 percent value addition in agriculture witnessed a positive growth of 6.7 percent in 2012-13 against negative growth of 7.7 percent during the same period last year. The cotton ginning under new base 2005-06 has been included in agriculture value addition showed a negative growth of 2.9 percent in 2012-13 against the positive growth of 13.8 percent during the same period last year. The Livestock sector which has a 55.4 percent share in the agriculture grew by 3.7 percent in 2012-13. The Fishing sector grew by 0.7 percent as against last year’s positive growth of 3.8 percent. Forestry sector posted a nominal growth of 0.1 percent this year as compared to positive growth of 1.7 percent last year. Pakistan has two crop seasons, "Kharif" being the first sowing season starting from April-June and harvested during October December. Rice, sugarcane, cotton, maize, moong, mash, bajra and jowar are “Kharif" crops. "Rabi", the second sowing season, begins as on October-December and is harvested in April-May. Wheat, gram, lentil (masoor), tobacco, rapeseed, barley and mustard are "Rabi" crops. The crops performance is dependent upon timely availability of irrigation water.

2012-13, the availability of water as an essential input for Kharif 2012 was 14 percent less than the normal supplies but to compare with Kharif 2011, it was 4.4 percent less. The water availability during Rabi season 2012-13 was estimated 31.9 MAF, which was 12.4 percent less than the normal availability, but 8.5 percent higher than last year’s Rabi crop

Crop situation:
Important croops, such as wheat, rice, maize, cotton and sugarcane account for 25.2 percent of the value added in overall agriculture and 5.4 percent to GDP. The other crops account for the 12.3 percent of the value added in overall agriculture. Live stock contributes 55.4% to agriculture value added much more then the combine contribution of important and other crops. ( 37.6%). The production performance of important crops is given in table.

a.Important crops:
i) Cotton:
Pakistan economy depends heavily on cotton crop significantly contribute by providing raw material to the textile industry, such as cotton lint as an export item. It account for 7.0% of value added in agriculture and 1.5% of GDP. During 2012-13 the crops was on area of 2879 thousand heacters, 1.6% more then last year(2835 thousand heacters). The production of 13.0 million bales during the period2012-13 against the target of 14.5 million bales resulted in decline of 13.0% against the target and decrease of 4.2 percent over the preceding year production which was 13.6 million bales. Mild attack of Thrips, white fly and cotton leaf curl virus (CLCV) adversely effected the production of cotton boll which effected the production and yield per heacter as compare to last year.

Sugarcane crops occupies an important position in national economy in order...
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