Agricultural Problems in Pakistan

Topics: Agriculture, Poverty, Cultivation Pages: 4 (1173 words) Published: January 12, 2012
Agriculture and Its Problems in Pakistan
From time Immemorial,agriculture has been the major occupation of the people of Pakistan.Even today agriculture is a major sector and occupies a very important place in the economy of Pakistan.It not only provides food for our growing population but is a source of raw materials for our principal industries as well as a source of foreign exchange for our government. 32% of our gross domestic products belong to this sector.It engages 53% of our employed labour .About 75% of our people are engaged directly or indirectly with this profession.A large part (about 10%) of Pakistan’s exports is made up of primary commodities ,including the major cash crops.In addition to this major large scale industries like cotton textile and sugar well as medium and small scale agro-based and cottage industries are directly dependent on this sector for their raw materials. Problems in Agriculture

Following are the causes of our backwardness in agriculture: 1.Lack of Education
The farmers of our country are mostly un-educated and lack technical knowledge .They are unable to unde4rstand the modern scientific methods of agriculture and often remain ignorant of good means to protect and increase their yield.Their production is therefore low. 2.Lack of Capital

The majority of our farmers are poor and they often live in a hand to mouth position.Most of them are always under heavy burdens of debts.So due to lack of capital they cannot afford to purchase modern scientific implements,chemical manures,improved types of seeds etc.Hence they can not attain the required standards. 3.Following the Old Traditions

Most of our farmers are still stuck to the old traditions of their fore fathers.The circumstances have compelled them to use the crude implements,because due to small holdings of land and poverty they are unable to acquire and use modern scientific methods.That is why their standard is lower than that of cultivators...
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