Agrarian Reform

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(Land & Agrarian Reforms of the Philippines Presidents )

Gelli Ann E. Rodriguez
Prof. Edmil Recibe

Emilio Aguinaldo
No agrarian-related reform or law was passed during the Aguinaldo administration.

Manuel L. Quezon
President Manuel L. Quezon implemented the Rice Share Tenancy Act of 1933.The purpose of this act was to regulate the share-tenancy contracts by establishing minimum standards.Primarily, the Act provided for better tenant-landlord relationship, a 50–50 sharing of the crop, regulation of interest to 10% per agricultural year, and a safeguard against arbitrary dismissal by the landlord.

Jose P. Laurel
During Laurel's term as the President, hunger was the main worry. Prices of essential commodities rose to unprecedented heights. The government exerted every effort to increase production and bring consumers' goods under control. However, no new agrarian reform or law was passed.

Sergio Osmeña
No new reform or law was passed during Osmena’s administration.

Manuel A. Roxas
In 1946, shortly after his induction to Presidency, Manuel Roxas proclaimed the Rice Share Tenancy Act of 1933 effective throughout the country. However problems of land tenure continued. In fact these became worse in certain areas. Among the remedial measures enacted was Republic Act No. 1946 likewise known as the Tenant Act which provided for a 70–30 sharing arrangements and regulated share-tenancy contracts. It was passed to resolve the ongoing peasant unrest in Central Luzon.

Elpido Quirino
As part of his Agrarian Reform agenda, President Quirino issued on October 23, 1950 Executive Order No. 355 which replaced the National Land Settlement Administration with Land Settlement Development Corporation (LASEDECO) which takes over the responsibilities of the Agricultural Machinery Equipment Corporation and the Rice and Corn Production Administration.

Ramon Magsaysay
Republic Act No. 1160

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