Agnostic Worldview and Its Corresponding Ethical Theory

Topics: Big Bang, Scientific method, Human Pages: 3 (966 words) Published: August 21, 2011
Bethany Landers
Ethics 121-176
Professor Erica Lindberg

Agnostic Worldview and its Corresponding Ethical Theory

Being Agnostic I do not fully believe that a God or Gods exists, but I’m not in complete denial that it could be a possibility. I believe in science and what it can prove. I am very skeptical in nature and crave substantial evidence of all things. I would like to think that there is some type of divine essence supporting human’s purpose on Earth, but no one can know for certain. The origin of our Universe is best explained by the Big Bang Theory. It states that our universe began some 13 billion years ago from a primordial point containing millions of particles that are still expanding today. Through the scientific method and observations, we can conclude this is the most accurate explanation of how everything started. However, I also believe that it’s very coincidental that this universe ever had a chance at surviving. Science can explain that if there had been one less or one more particle out of the millions and millions that produced the big bang that out universe would not be able to support life. This idea gives me hope that there is a purpose of the human race and that our universe may not only made up of material matter but possibly something mystical as well. The human race has evolved over time. Darwin’s Theory of Evolution can show us how we have developed from much simpler things. Throughout time, we have been able to progress by the mutilation of genes. We can expect that we are advancing in intelligence and strength as our bodies hold onto the genes that make us stronger, and rid themselves of what is no longer needed for survival. I am agnostic not atheist so there may be a possibility of an afterlife. I don’t know if our physical bodies contain a spirit of any sort that may enter into either rebirth or be placed into a heaven or hell. There is no way for me to know what happens after death...
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