Aging Essay 17

Topics: Immune system, Thymus, Ageing Pages: 3 (1127 words) Published: June 19, 2006
First I will talk about the physical changes in early adulthood. Developmentalists look at adult physical functioning and begin to ask questions about loss or decline of function. There are two types of aging primary aging and social aging. Primary aging is age related physical changes that have biological basis. Social aging is age related changes due to environmental influences, poor health, habits or disease. Adults in there 20's and 30's have more muscle tissue; maximum bone calcium; more brain mass; better eyesight, hearing, and sense of smell; greater oxygen capacity; and a more proficient immune system. The early adult is stronger, faster and better able to pick up from exercise or adapt to changing conditions. In early adulthood the declines in physical functioning are usually not noticeable unless a person is attempting operate at the unlimited boundary of physical ability; for example a speed skater. There is a general loss of speed and strength with age. Younger adults are more physically active or more likely to participate in activities of jobs that demand strength. The immune system has two major organs that provide two types of cells which are B cells and T cells. B cells fight against external threats by producing antibodies against bacteria and viruses. T cells defend against essentially internal threats such as transplanted tissue, and cancer cells. (Kiecolt-Glaser&Glaser, 1995) The T cell declines the most in quantity and effectiveness with age. The thymus gland shows to be vital to the aging process. The thymus gland is largest at adolescence and declines in both size and mass after adolescence. Once the thymus is smaller it works less proficient so your body is less likely to fight off some diseases. So as you get older the more likely you could have diseases. The cognitive changes are at it highest in early adulthood. The rate of decline is slow as people get older, but there are factors for this. It could be the environment, and the...
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