Aging and Adulthood
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Aging and Adulthood
Shireen Farsi
May 30, 2013
Raymond Carraway

Aging and Adulthood
The aging process involves many changes. These changes can be difficult for some. Changes include physical and cognitive development including primary and secondary aging, intelligence and memory, health and biological factors, relationships, personality, and transition factors (grief and loss issues, and retirement). I will address the above using scholarly peer reviewed journals.
A study was conducted by Khodr, B., Howard, J., Watson, K., & Khalil, Z., testing the effect of antioxidant therapy on sensory neurovascular function and tissue repair. Both primary and secondary aging were observed. Primary aging was characterized as the decline in sensory neurons (vision, touch, and hearing). Secondary was the link between the primary aging and lack in tissue repair (Effect of Short-Term and Long-Term Antioxidant Therapy on Primary and Secondary Ageing Neurovascular Processes, 2003). As an adult gets older the body’s senses and ability to repair itself diminish. The finding showed that vitamin E greatly increased sensory neurovascular function and tissue repair. This proves that nutrition can help the aging process to some extent.
Another study was conducted testing the cognitive development of adults aging between the ages of 60 and 102. The factors tested where, perceptual speed, episodic memory, semantic memory, category fluency, letter fluency, and global cognitive factor (Genetic effects on old-age cognitive functioning, 2013). The results of the study showed that memory was greatly affected, following perceptual speed and global cognitive ability being effected the least. (Genetic effects on old-age cognitive functioning, 2013). As an adult ages so does the brain. This effects memory making it harder to retain new information and sometimes can lead to short term memory loss. Also, motor functions slow down making it difficult to react quickly when

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