Agile Software Development Framework: Scrum

Pages: 2 (507 words) Published: April 15, 2015
1.How well is Serum working?
Scrum is working very well as
The pace of work picked up.
There was a shared enthusiasm as tasks and ultimately functional features were completed in rapid fashion. The team was able to demonstrate all but one of the designated features at the end of first sprint meeting. The sprint retrospective meeting was refreshing as members spoke candidly about both the good and the bad. Project work progressed quickly over the weeks.

Everyone included Kendra felt pressure to accomplish what has been said at the daily scrum. 2. What are the issues confronting the Big Foot Project?
Some of the issues confronting the Big Foot Project are as;

The product log was rewritten adding several new, high priority features eliminating a few of the features that the team had been working on. The team had to now shift their efforts and complete the new features by the end of the sprint. At the sprint review meeting four of the five new features were completed but the feature demonstrations did not go well. The criticism for the user friendliness of several of the completed features has risen. In the end, only half of the features were accepted as being done. 3. Assume you are Kendra. What would you want to say at the retrospective? How would you say it? Assuming myself as Kendra I would say, “ Since our major goal is to satisfy a customer’s need, I accept that some of our features are being criticized for the user friendliness as well as the feature demonstrations did not go well. I will put my best effort to complete our features as per required but from now on I want to know beforehand about how are features are supposed to perform. A specific objective is what I highly suggest prior starting to work on new projects or features.” 4. What improvements or changes need to be made?

In my opinion the only improvements would be on defining or setting the goal of end products has to be more clear and focused.


1. How would you assess P2P...
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