Agile Methodology Paper

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Agile Methodology
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Dan Burns

Agile Methodology The Paper
Basically what I have been able to relate too is that Agile Methodology is a process of small groups of people (teams) that are located in the same place working together. They communicate either through e-mail, voice mail, or direct contact. There is little documentation because of the closeness of the team, it’s easier to communicate because of the in your face communication-though, in an agile project, documentation and other artifacts rank equally with a working product. This way of communicating gets projects moving along a lot faster. Their due dates are in a matter of weeks, because their packages of product are small, so they have usable product faster and results are faster in shorter amounts of time. They also have the flexibility of change a lot easier because of the small packages of product. Team composition in an agile project is usually cross-functional and self-organizing without consideration for any existing corporate hierarchy or the corporate roles of team members. Team members normally take responsibility for tasks that deliver the functionality an iteration requires. They decide individually how to meet iteration’s requirements. Suitability of Agile

There is little if any consensus on what types of software projects are best suited for the agile approach. Many large organizations have difficulty bridging the gap between the traditional waterfall method and an agile one. Large scale agile software development remains an active research area. History

The modern definition of agile software development evolved in the mid-1990s as part of a reaction against "heavyweight" methods, perceived to be typified by a heavily regulated, regimented, micro-managed use of the waterfall model of development. The processes originating from this use of the waterfall model were seen as bureaucratic, slow, demeaning, and...

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