Agile Business Suite Case Study

Chapter 1


About ABSuite

Agile Business Suite is integrated into the Microsoft Visual Studio environment and leverages the features of Visual Studio to provide a highly productive development environment. It is based on high-level specification of the business model, capability to deploy complete applications, and the flexibility to easily adapt the model. It helps in evolving business needs and changes in user environments. Agile Business Suite allows you to build business solutions that include both Agile Business Suite and other .NET components thus optimizing resource usage. An Agile Business Suite solution may, for example, comprise Agile Business Suite components, C#, Visual Basic .NET, and C++ components, or any type of project that Visual Studio is capable of generating. Through the use of standards such as SOAP, UDDI and WSDL, these solutions may work with other clients and services generated by other IDEs such as Web Sphere Application Developer (WSAD) or Visual Studio. Agile Business Suite is a "plug-in" to Visual Studio and is a project in Visual Studio.

Enterprise Application Environment is an existing Unisys product that represents aheritage of over twenty years of development. It has undergone
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The interpreted instance differsfrom the generated application only in that objects are constructed dynamically duringinterpretation and the LDL statements are executed by traversing the abstract syntaxtree rather than the compiled code. However, the dynamically constructed objectsinherit the standard behavior and elements from the same framework classes, use thesame persistence implementation, and use the same classes representing the AgileBusiness Suite data types for their attributes, and the interpreted LDL executes thesame methods of the LDL class to implement the LDL verbs.As a result, there should be no differences between the behavior of the .NET runtimeand the interpreted

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