Agile Acp Exam

Topics: Agile software development, Project management, Extreme Programming, Decision making, Decision theory / Pages: 4 (988 words) / Published: Feb 22nd, 2013
1 . Decision Framing focuses majorly on, * Identifying types of decisions that need to be made * Stakeholders involved in the decision making process * Delegating decision making process * Manager taking the decision

2 . The primary task in release planning is assigning stories to iterations, chiefly on the basis of _______________________ * Value and Risk * Risk and Priority * Customer Requirements * Team ability and Value
3 . What are the four key terms by which the iterative part of Agile is defined? * timeboxed, releasable, agility and incremental * Iterative, feature-based, timeboxed, and incremental * Feature-based, timeboxed, agility and incremental * None of the above
4 . Which are the three coach styles? * Teaching, Coaching and Advising * Coaching, Mentoring and Advising * Coaching, Informator, Advising * Mentoring, Teaching and Advising
5 . What is MOST true about Participatory Decision Making? * It is a technique that involves all the affected parties * It is just a meeting with no outcomes * It only involves the customer and the Product Manager * It is a technique based on the wishes of the Scrum Master
6 . Which of the following tests verify that units and combinations of units work together to perform the desired operations? * Unit tests * Component tests * Exploratory Tests * Usability tests
7 . Self-organization implies a reliance on internal motivation of the team rather than external motivation. This is referred to as, * Delegatory management * Measurement based management * Democratic management * Autocratic management
8 . What is the outcome of a Sprint Planning Meeting? * Sprint Backlog * Product Backlog * Iteration Backlog * None of the above
9 . In a Fixed Price contract, the risk is beared by, * Supplier * Customer * Product Owner * Project Team

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