Topics: Agile software development, Extreme Programming, Software development process Pages: 10 (3081 words) Published: July 27, 2014
Agile methods in recent years have
emerged as a new paradigm in software development, which promises to address some of the problem areas of traditional approaches by freeing some of its constraints. In an attempt to produce an improvised process to designing and implementation and thereby to produce qualitative deliverables, several pioneering efforts have been suggested. This paper examines two such methodologies that promote agility: eXtreme Programming and SCRUM. The process, the values and principles of the XP and SCRUM are described in detail. Crucial feature differences between XP and SCRUM and the advantages and disadvantages of both methodologies are also discussed. Keywords— XP, SCRUM, Agile

The software development industry has been evolved to become the most important industries of time. This industry employs many practitioners world wide to create the most essential products that is been used to extend our lifestyles. From controlling the production of food we eat to providing safety and control of the vehicles, software has become the embodiment of the world's most valuable intellectual property.[15] In last few years, the trend to more agile has been the most significant event we have seen since the application of traditional software development process. The agile software methods and development is practices based approach which is empowered with values, principles and practices which make the software development process more easy and faster in time.

This paper will take you through two agile methods, eXtreme Programming and SCRUM. Both the methods profess to improve the existing software development methods in different ways. First, the practices and the lifecycle of eXtreme Programming are discussed. Secondly, SCRUM methodology is described in detail along with its features which is followed by the advantages and disadvantages of both methods. Finally, the comparison study of XP and SCRUM are provided which details about how both methodologies takes its approach to resolve the problem areas of the traditional approach. II. eXTREME PROGRAMMING (XP)

XP, eXtreme Programming originally described by Kent Back, has emerged as one of the most popular Agile Processes. It has a disciplined approach to deliver high quality software quickly and continuously. XP is successful because it is more concerned about customer satisfaction. It has already been proven to be very successful at companies at all levels and industries world wide. Extreme Programming is a coherent body of values, principles and practices for addressing software development problems.[10] It is a process to develop software that relies on five values to guide development: simplicity, communication, feedback, courage and respect. These five values are further described in detail below: A) Simplicity:

Extreme Programming starts with simplest solution and does what is required and asked for, but nothing more. The goal is to take small simple steps and mitigate failures as they occur. From Extreme Programming Explained:

“XP is making a bet. It is betting that it is better to do a simple thing today and pay a little more tomorrow o change it if its needed, than to do a more complicated thing today that may never be used again.[11] . B)Communication

Extreme Programming favors that everyone who belongs to the team communicate face to face daily. It stresses on communication which is definitely a key factor to the success of any project, XP or otherwise. Pair programming is encouraged so that each person in the team are consciously aware of the need to educate other members in their skilled area, experience and knowledge. XP also stresses much on not doing documentation as it simply does not communicate well and slows the process down. C)Feedback

With XP, feedback is seen as a way in determining the status of the system. The software is demonstrated as early and as often as possible to carefully listen to the...
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