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AGEISM (Heading)
Speaker notes: According to Martin (2007), “Ageism typically involves any attitude or behavior that negatively categorizes the elderly based either on partial truth (often taken out of context) or on outright myths of the aging process” (pg. 142). There are nine basic myths that show cause to an individual having the label of ageism: “(1) poor health, illness, and disability; (2) lack of mental sharpness and acuity, senility, and dementia; (3) sadness, depression, and loneliness; (4) an irritable demeanor; (5) a sexless life; (6) routine boredom; (7) a lack of vitality and continual decline; and (8) and inability to learn new things, and (9) the loss of productivity” (Martin. 2007 ) (Pg. 142). Myths can be considered a common way for society as a whole to develop stereotypical judgments upon the elderly community. Myths create negative attitudes that often create discrimination within society that enhances untruths about the elderly population. In order to see the myths that hinder society as a whole taking a look at what ageism is is in fact beneficial to bring truth to the table. What is ageism? Ageism is a social attitude that has created myths within society that have endorsed society’s stereotype of aging adults within communities. Myths are can be generated by many things such as demeaning comments passed on from person to person or by simply turning on the television and seeing negative adaptations of what life is like as an elderly person. “Many social psychologists and gerontologists cite the media as a major source of negative stereotypes of the elderly” (Martin, 2007) (pp. 141). Fear of growing old can generate the social attitudes seen in ageism that brings about negative behaviors to cloud people’s judgments and ultimately result in myths. “Language is one of the most pervasive ways that ageism exists and persists in our...

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