Aggressive Parenting Damages Children’s Self-Worth. to What Extent Do You Agree or Disagree?

Topics: Parent, Self-esteem, Childhood Pages: 3 (803 words) Published: April 5, 2013
In 2011, aggressive parenting style had aroused a wide range of discussion after the publisher of the book "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother" by Amy Chua. Aggressive parenting includes behaviors such as the assertive academic teaching, harsh punishment in daily life and the negative attitude to the children. Self- worth implies the quality of being worthy of esteem or respect. Aggressive parenting indeed causes more harms than goods to the children. It seems that affects the personal growth of the children in a seriously bad way.

In academic aspect, parents always ask their children to get access to a higher academic performance. They always demand perfect grades from their children. The grade of A- or B+ is a basic requirement. They think that the children are able to get a higher achievement unless they are lazy. Therefore, the children are added a tremendous stress. Moreover, parents may punish the children when they get a ‘poor’ result instead of praising them. They may always say,’ The result is not good enough. Struggle and improve for a higher score next time.’ When the children receive those messages, they may hold a negative idea in minds too. Children will always feel depressed when they acquire a ’low’ mark . When they fail to meet the high standard from their parents, they might lose the self-respect for themselves.

Parents may badly affect the personal growth of the children. According to(Lehman, 2008) state that Chinese mother claims that the children owe them everything (p.15). Therefore, aggressive parents believe that the children should spend their lives repaying their parents by obeying them and making them proud. Chinese mothers may argue that they always provide the best choices for their children. They arrange every matter for their babies like choosing the prestigious school and the most-welcomed extra-curricular activities and restrict their daily activities. After a long period, people lack of the ability to have their opinions...

Cited: a person as an example, the daughter of Mother Mom, Amy Chau, has been processing a lot of harsh restrictions during her everyday growth. But today she expresses much thankful to her mother and explains the success is ascribed to her mother. Therefore, the children may feel proud of themselves when they become successful. So, this will increase the self-worth of the children and make them feel respectful.
In fact, aggressive parenting generates a lot of pressure on children indeed. It often damages the self-worth of children when they behave poorer than parents expect and punished in a harsh way. Such behaviors may widen the relationship between parents and children. Parents should sometimes praise their children and communicate more .
Qin, Chang, Han, and Chee, Parents’ and Childrens’ Internal Conflicts. New Directions for Child and Adolescent Development(134),35-57.
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