Aggression Is a Part of Human Nature

Topics: Aggression, Anger, Psychology Pages: 2 (609 words) Published: December 2, 2008
Aggression Is a Part of Human Nature

Aggression is something that you see everyday from turning on the television to watch the daily news to playing one of your favorite video games. This is something that is a part of human nature and will always be a part of our social life. There are many influences in our society and within us that can make aggression arise more frequently. These are genetic influences, neural influences, and biochemical influences. Some influences on aggression are believed to have been passed down from generations (Myers, 749). This is believed to make an effect on future generations, therefore, inheriting certain traits, one of which could be having a bad temper. For example, when we look at animals to refer to this concept many think of canines that have been specifically bred to be aggressive. Is it possible that over many years of training an animal to act this way that this trait will continue on for generations to come? Neural influences suggest that brains have systems that when they are triggered, can produce aggressive behavior. There is not a specific area in the brain that controls aggression (Myers, 750). There is a neural system that when provoked, it will create aggression. It is believed if this system, located at the frontal lobe, is damaged it could make aggression more likely. Recently, a study has been determining that aggression can weaken the brain’s impulse control circuits (Asher). The enzyme monoamine oxidase-A, or MAO-A, which is responsible for breaking down mood-regulating chemical messengers, is one of the chemicals that could be responsible. The study contained of ninety-seven subjects and the area that was responsible for impulses and motivations was affected by fourteen percent. It is believed that some substances in the blood could possibly trigger aggression. Substances like hormones, alcohol, and testosterone are said to be some of the major causes. Men with lower levels of testosterone are less...

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Asher, Jules. "Aggression-Related Gene Weakens Brain’s Impulse Control Circuits." NIMH. 20 Mar. 2006. NIMH Press Office. 15 Sept. 2008 .
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