Ages of Tourism

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Pre- Industrial Revolution
As early as 300 BC the Phoenicians also called the Canaanites or Sidonians were one of the first real travelers. Trade, Commerce and food supply were what motivated them to travel. Also the Romans travelled to Shrines, seaside resorts and different attractions of their time in Egypt and Greece. Most medieval travel was religiously related. They also travelled to visit the pyramids, sphinx and the valley of kings. The Roman Empire provided a safe passage for travelers through a vast road system from Egypt to Britain. The Railway Age

Prior to rail travel tourist travelled by horse and carriages. Railroads played a major role in the development of the United Nations, Canada and several other countries. The  railroads  brought  changes  in  the  lodging  industry,  as taverns  and  turnpikes  gave  way  to  hotels  near  the  railway stations. In 1830 in the United States the first rail way was built. Railroad carts had excellent dining cars and sleeping berths to ensure that the passengers were comfortable. Employment within the coach travel sector is seasonal The operation of coach companies are often forced to lay off drivers and staff out of season, unless they can obtain sufficient charters or contract work (such as school bussing), useful for the coach companies. Most coach companies specialize in routes and travel activity as many operates their tours nationally while others concentrate on serving the needs of incoming tourists and tour operators by providing excursion programs , transfers between airports and hotels or complete coach tours for overseas visitors. Railroads continued to extend their lines into the twentieth century until the Great Depression of the 1930s and World War II. These events caused a decline in railroad usage and eventually led to the invention of the automobile. The freedom of the open road gave automobile travel a competitive advantage over train travel.

The Automobile Age
Production of...

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