Agents in Socialization

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Children as the video describes adapt to their surrondings in their homelife despite this they are also influenced just as much by todays society.

to look back children once lived a life of discipline, hard work, rules, values and striving for a future which was in hindsight already lined up for them. My mother was born in the 1950's she is the oldest of 4 children, it was custom for her to leave school at 15 to assist my grandmother with homelife, living under the control of the "Man" figure within the house hold.

Children where almost manufactured they went to school and lived by military style rules, to come home to somewhat of the same lifestyle with no real aspirations, opinions or own identitys, as stated above they where there to be seen and not heard. As discussed within the video this spelled from post war life, parents where now acustomed to certain rules and regulations and belived that children should appreciate and respect them due to the lack of structure pre war.

For me growing up being an only child withonly one parent (My mother) and also my mum only having her mother for a long period of time i was raised as an individual alowed from an early age to have my own views, have my own say and my own choices, i belive this stems from my mums lack of this within her child hood. I was also some what spoilt again stemming from my mums lack of lesuire and indulgences throught her childhood, Also due to her being a single parent i was in daycare early which has lead to me being the social and independant person I am today.

My Mother can not believe the opportunities that are avalible to children today she wishes she could have her past over again to live her dreams that she had back then which would have been impossible. My Mum and her mother (Grandmother) are extremely close and are exactly the same in every way just from different eras one more relaxed then the other due to my Grandmother coming from a war stricken society.

Over the past...
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