Topics: Han Chinese, Overseas Chinese, Chinese people Pages: 3 (718 words) Published: April 6, 2013

Class #3:

Take personal notes on these questions when reading the chapter (they are NOT handed in); however, there MAY be an unannounced and open note quiz on them at the beginning of the next class. If not, they are also for discussion purposes.

Gillon Chapter 17: The Western Frontier, 1862-1900
• Who were the new immigrants to the West and why did they come? • What were some of the ironies regarding the Native Americans defeat of Colonel George Custer? • Explain what was meant by the “The Myth of the Garden”; how did these beliefs affect the settlement of the West? Gillon Chapter 18: The Industrial Experiment, 1865-1900

• How did the many inventions of the late 19th century affect the general public and why? • Explain the concept of "Social Darwinism" and how did this affect views on governmental policy. • Who were the new working people and why did they come from that source? • Describe the key differences between the Knights of Labor and the American Federation of Labor.

Primary Source Quiz 1 (Group A); please type your answers. Use your own words in answering; quotations should only HIGHLIGHT what you have said and must include page numbers in parentheses behind the quote. Answer every portion of ALL FIVE questions! Kearney, Dennis, California Must Be All American, 1878

1) who was the author referring to with the term “American”? 2) Given the small Chinese population at the time, were the fears expressed realistic? Reimers, Caroline, Homesteading in South Dakota in the 1880’s (1930): 3) What primarily contributed to the Reimers family’s decision to give up farming? Roosevelt, Theodore, A Montana Cowtown, 1899:

4) Analyze the historical situation, what was the relationship between these cattlemen and the railroad? 5) What does the last paragraph indicate regarding views of minorities during this period (even a future president’s)? Explain your answer.

1) The author referring Americans to the...
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