Agency Experience Assignment Paper

Topics: Clothing, Felt, Mission statement Pages: 3 (1037 words) Published: January 16, 2013
Egypt Weaver
Agency Experience SOWC 135
Professor P. Jordan
Assignment third Assignment
December 5. 2012

1. What is the name and address of the agency in which you were placed, and what was the name of your supervisor? The name of my agency is Carriage Town Ministries. The address is 605 Garland Street, Flint MI 48503. My supervisors’ name is Cindy Johns Volunteer coordinator. 2. What needs in the Community brought this agency into being? In other words, what social condition resulted in the creation of this agency? Homelessness was the result that created the social condition of Carriage Town Ministries in the city of Flint. The needs provided by carriage town ministries are to provide shelter to the homeless, clothing to the needy, food to the hungry and comfort and biblical teaching for the spiritually impoverished. 3. Give a brief history of the development of this agency. (How as this agency established? How long has it existed? How has it changed over time? Carriage Town Ministries was started in the 1950s’it was first a rescue Mission, the Carriage Town Ministries has changed from just a rescue mission now today , it has provided over a wide range of services based on what the people needs are in the community these services include but all feeding the hungry 365 days a week also providing a warm place to sleep for a day or both a year men and women are given clothing, employment resources and free walk in clinic is provide every week for those individuals who are in need of such services. According to Our Coordinator Ms Cindy johns, says that Carriage Town Ministries does not receive any kind of government funding The agency was established through operations are supported through private contributions from individuals, companies, groups and foundations. The mission is to help provide help, hope and good news to our community through god people transforming power of Christ’s love. The Carriage Town Ministries has been serving the...
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