agency agreement

Topics: Bill of lading, British Virgin Islands, Commercial item transport and distribution Pages: 8 (1978 words) Published: February 26, 2014
This Agreement made on the 20th February, 2011

Suite 6, Wickhams Cay 1,
PO Box 3085, Road Town,
Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Represented in the convent by their duly authorized Overseas Agency Director: Robert W Shelton

Richmond Concord (2nd FL.)
68 Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan-1,
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Represented in the convent by their duly authorized Director: Lawrence Gomes

The above parties are both engaged in freight forwarding business on an international basis, including AIR – OCEAN – ROAD SERVICES, and mutually agree to the following:


(a) Each party agrees to act as Primary Agency Representative for the other party on its freight forwarding services on a non-exclusive basis in it agreed respective countries MAURICE WARD NETWORKS: Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Ireland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and United Kingdom


i) Each party to provide competent general freight forwarding services including airfreight – ocean freight – customs clearance – local collection/distribution services to acceptable standard agency levels. ii) Each party agrees to support each other by consigning freight shipments to each other whenever possible. iii) Each party to provide adequate insurance cover to meet its freight forwarding carrier limited liability cover/trading conditions, and will indemnify the other party from any claims resulting from errors or omissions or negligence”. iv) Each party will be responsible for collection of freight and other charges stated on the transportation documents (HAWB/Bill of Lading/CMR/etc) when issued on a collect basis by the other party. If the receiving party extends credit to the consignee it does so at its own risk, and is still obligated to pay in full all collect charges to the shipping party within the agreed terms specified in schedule I. v) All costs should first be provided before any shipment is started. A fixed selling rate should also be established before shipments are made or accepted and can’t be changed or amended without the other parties knowledge and written consent.

(b) Each party shall transmit to the other party such specific instructions, requests or particulars in connection with each client or consignment where appropriate or proper to enable the other party to render efficient service to the shippers/consignees and to fulfill its obligations hereunder properly. (c) Standard handling procedure shall be rendered by both parties in compliance with the common practice of freight forwarding including (but not exhaustive of) the following:

i) Preparation and dispatch of all necessary shipping documents. ii) Pre-alert information must be provided by both parties for all outbound shipments, and on inbound shipments provide Proof of Deliveries on request and on all DDP/DDU shipments by means of email/fax. iii) Collecting consolidation documents from the carriers upon arrival; iv) Notification to consignees or their agents by phone/email/fax of arrival of consignments; v) Arrange for customs clearance of consignments as authorized by consignee or release airway bills and documents to consignee or his duly appointed agent and delivery service if so specified by the other party; vi) Each party will be responsible for the collection from consignee any freight charges, fees and other charges involved stated on HAWB/bill of lading or freight invoices; and vii) For shipment involving Bank Endorsement, authorisation of the bank concerned must be obtained before the consignment is released.

(d) Customs charges, duties, delivery charges and any other charges not specified herein will be for the account of consignee and not the responsibility of either party unless otherwise specified on airway bill/bill of lading or specific...
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