Age Requirements to Drink and to Go to War

Pages: 4 (1545 words) Published: October 5, 2010
Geovanny Martinez
English 1301-F1
Mrs. Clay

Old Enough to Go to War? Old Enough to Go to the Bar!
There is bombs exploding, bullets flying, and blood splattering everywhere on the battlefield. War is an extremely dangerous place for young adults to be, but Americans feel a lot of pride in what they do for our country. The legal drinking age has been altered from twenty-one, to eighteen, to nineteen and back to twenty-one. Finally, after enough irresponsibility with young adults drinking and driving, Federal legislation made all fifty states have a minimum drinking age of twenty-one. Though the age to be drafted and the age to vote remain at eighteen, Congress and state legislation feel any age under twenty-one is too young to drink alcohol. The image on the preceding page argues that as we send off our young men and woman to fight in the United States military, they risk their lives for our country, but when some of those brave soldiers return, they are denied alcohol because of their age. In the image chosen, there is a quite dramatic background. Smoke from the blown up buildings and the serious face on the young man shows the devastating horrors soldiers face while away at war. Men and woman are fighting everyday to protect our freedom and safety so that we Americans can live peaceful and graceful lives-men and woman that we don’t even know, but that does not stop them. We, not only as individuals, but especially as a country, including congress and legislature, owe a great amount of gratitude for what our military does. If government can lower the drinking age to eighteen, not just for military personnel but also for society, I think we should because having the legal drinking age at twenty-one seems unconstitutional. Not only does this affect the soldiers, but also non-military adults under the age of twenty-one who go through whatever it takes to obtain alcohol to consume, especially before 1984, when some states had a legal drinking age...
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