Age of Reason

Topics: Deism, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine Pages: 3 (990 words) Published: February 24, 2001
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Certain Individuals that lived in the period of time know as the Age of Reason discovered many knew inventions and advancements to improve the quality of life. When experimented with, these advantages brought forth knew ideas to extraordinary people who forever changed the way we look at life. Although many people found these discoveries to bring a great revival to mankind, others rejected these new improvements and felt as if they were defying god. These years were full of discoveries, conflicts, and new visions that of the world. The age of reason brought on many changes to religious, political, scientific, and literary aspects of the eighteenth century. Ever since the beginning of time, religion has been the dominating source of reason. People have turned to prayer and spirituality for a sense of control and understanding in their lives. Not until the years of the age of reason was there an alternative proposed for a better method of interpreting things. This alternative method was science. Although scientific thought spread rapidly, religion was not forgotten. Religion controlled many things science could not. It gave people a sense of why they are here and why things occur. This understanding results in sanity and calmness. During the age of reason, people who kept religion flourishing were Ethan Allen, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, and Patrick Henry. In Thomas Paine's The Crisis, No. 1, he uses vivid imagery and rhetorical techniques to persuade the audience into believing his point. "Even the expression is impious; for so unlimited a power can belong only to God."(Paine). In Ethan Allen's Reason only Oracle of Man, reason is taught through the eyes of an oracle, or someone whom God speaks to the people through. A religious revival that flourished around this point in history was called Deism. Deism beliefs differed in many ways than the traditional religions for it's major concept was that God spoke through everyone, not only a particular...
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