Age of Enlightenment and Course Materials

Topics: Voltaire, Age of Enlightenment, French Revolution Pages: 5 (1471 words) Published: October 23, 2012
Candide worksheetName: Huy Dang Khac
The purpose of this assignment is to help you develop the critical thinking skills necessary to write a basic, college-level analytical essay. You may type directly into this file and then upload when finished. Remember that you need to connect what you read in the book to what you are learning from other course materials to complete you answers. Step I: Basic, factual analysis of a reading

1. List three examples of events/methods from Voltaire’s Candide which you believe best illustrate the issues related to the Scientific Revolution and to the Enlightenment. a. The reaction of the Portuguese Inquisitor about the earthquake.

b. The lifestyle of people in El Dorado.
c. The despair of Paquette and the monk Brother Giroflee
2. Now for each point above, explain why this example illustrates these issues. a. Tsunami and earthquake’s acknowledgement are proof of developing science.
The reaction of the Inquisitor for trying to kill Candide and Pangloss because of the earthquake is a typical example of the abuse of the church on people.
It’s used to prove that what the church said is wrongful and people foolishly believe in what they are told.
b. El Dorado is essentially the utopia of nobles, people living during the Enlightenment era.
Street are covered with precious stones
No Priests
All of the king’s jokes are funny.
Nobody care about gold or fighting over gold in the kingdom.
King is kind and helpful.
c. It’s the freedom of expression about their philosophies in life.
They are noticing the ugly truth of their life as a sexual object and obeying religion against the will of person.

3. Finally, place each point above into the historical context (this means to make direct connections of this point to other specific information you have learned about the era from the other course materials)

a. The Lisbon earthquake in Nov 1, 1755.
b. French revolution in 18th century.
c. The Seven Years War.
4. Compare Candide to the Appendix from Theodicity by Wilhelm Gottfried Leibnitz (found in the course materials under Assignments and Quizzes / Candide Assignment). List one example where the two sources agree.

God did not choose the best course.
5. List one example where the two sources differ from each other.
Every event is predetermined.
6. What do you think it means if the materials agree?
It’s consistent among authors about the philosophy of religion belief/ life. Therefore, it’s a creditable source of outcome for further studies.
When a material is proven to be true in two or more sources, its defense is stronger to believe in. It’s easier for readers, scholars to utilize in debating an issue.
It opens way for discussion of an idea from multi perspectives. 7. What should you do with information that differs?
First, I don’t pick which side I’ll support and which I’ll not.
Search for facts (if possible), logical reasoning. Evaluating idea from my own experiences.
Asking other people about their thought on both sides, then I compare and contrast both idea against each other’s.
The result could end up be one side over another or a combination of both. PART II: How to use a period piece of literature (here answer the questions using your common sense and critical thinking skills) 1. List two reasons why students should be cautious in using a piece of literature in historical analysis.

a. Piece of literature consists of belief and opinions, which are strongly opposed to historical analysis requiring good use of data, event.
b. Piece of literature is written in a mocking way of the real society. Students should pay attention to the reliability of author of such piece to avoid bias in historical analysis. 2. Give an example from Voltaire’s book for each of the reasons raised a bove.

a. Candide and Pangloss’s optimism – which are reflecting the belief of Voltaire
They are opinion not facts. There are uncertainties...
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