Age of Empires

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Age of Empires: Assyria, Babylon, and Persia
Assyrians migrate from the Arabian Desert to the ?Tigrus? valley. The land is not very hospitable and is open to attack.
Assyrians are very warlike due to their defensive nature.
Use iron weapons instead of bronze.
Very cruel treatment of enemies (I.e. skin them alive, or murder them) Any empire trying to keep their independence after the Assyrians take control are tortured or hurt. Empires that accepted fate did not suffer, and were allowed to practice their own religions somewhat. The empire is never very stable.

Bas-reliefs from Ninevah
Assyrian Empire’s main rulers:
Ninevah is the capital which is made very well made.
Assyrians use cuneiform primarily for taxes.
160 million bricks used to construct one of the biggest buildings of the time. Bas-reliefs are huge pictorials used to decorate cities/buildings. Primarily a religious thing.
Assyrians use aqueducts that move water up to 40 miles.
Assyrians talk about taking over Babylon and holding Hebrews hostage. Assyrians have the ability to siege cities ruthlessly.
Empire ends in 601 BCE
Establish common laws.
Establish a common language.
Cities have huge architectural monuments that reflected the empire’s power. Collects a huge library of about 20000 cuneiform tablets.
This is the info we have on them.
(Neo)Babylonian Empire (ca. 6th-7th C. BC)
The Babylonian rulers try to connect with their ancient Sumerian culture to seem “great”. Increase prestige by reviving tradition.
Use Acadian language (ancient).
They treat the past cultures as religious greatness.
Renaissance era
Happens because there is relative peace, and enough food/resources. A lot of cities that are part of the empire are given autonomy and aren’t micromanaged besides taxes. Nebuchadnezzar (634-562 BC) & Nabonidus (556-539)

Expands and upgrades the cities during his reign.
Builds giant ziggurats and the hanging gardens of Babylon.
Captures Jerusalem and expands...
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