Age of Abundance

Topics: Snoop Dogg, Poverty, Black people Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: October 17, 2013

Ian Renton
Age of Abundance
Out of the articles I have read, I’ll give you a brief understanding about what the Age of Abundance is exactly. The Age of Abundance is an Age where everyone’s needs are satisfied. Where everyone is able to acquire everything they want; that’s what a lot of people discuss in our near future. However, I do not think humanity is ready for the Age of Abundance, because there will always be someone that is poor that can’t afford it. The rate of poverty hasn’t changed in the United States since 2012, and here it is 2013 almost 2014 with the poverty rate at 15%. This means at least 46.5 million people are stuck living at the poverty line, or below it. How do they ever expect to have us to have an Age of Abundance, when there are so many people that can barely afford anything? It’s only getting worse, because resources are becoming harder to find, so the prices are rising. That’s just the US, they are tons of other places facing the same problems we are. So here’s the question, when can we have an Age of Abundance? Nobody will ever know. We all just run in circles and continue to make the problem worse or somewhat deal with them; nobody has ever fixed our economy really. Personally I think Obama hasn’t really changed a thing with that, but hasn’t made it dramatically worse.

Everyday eople want more things and so it’s not like the everyday normal needs like (water, food, etc). Technology is another one of the needs everyone requests, which is not cheap at all. The average person Technology can get highly expensive, but they are a lot cheaper generic brands now which make it a little easier to obtain the technology you want. Plus people are even talking about growing different organs, making it easier to provide people that need it. It’s almost like they’re saying they’re trying to make heaven on earth. If there is an Age of Abundance, Mother Nature will probably take it away from us. We are already using so much of...
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