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Agatha Christie - Paper

By HayleyM May 06, 2011 774 Words
Organizing Agatha

Organizing Agatha
The Enduring Appeal of Agatha Christie is an enthralling essay written precisely and effectively about the powerful author. The introduction to the essay is brief, yet very informative, giving the reader a bit of background information. It refers to popular literature abounds such as Stephen King and Edgar Allen Poe. I personally have never heard of Agatha Christie, therefore the information contained regarding other legends aided in my understanding of how popular and legendary she truly is. In addition to this, the thesis statement is succinct and presents the author’s opinion regarding Agatha Christie’s brilliance clearly. This was very helpful, as I was informed almost immediately as to what I was going to read about. Overall, the introductory paragraph gave me a great ordeal of background information, as well as three concise topics concerning the writing legacy, Agatha Christie, and her writing intelligence. This essay is effectively written as it has a rational flow of ideas and is very cohesive. Each paragraph begins with an enthralling topic sentence, giving myself, the reader, an appealing fact followed by the main idea of the writing. A great example of this can be viewed in the opening sentence of the first body paragraph which reads, “[n]ext to Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poiret and Miss Jane Marple are two of the most recognizable detectives in fiction because of their distinctive attributes.” Although this is an engaging topic sentence, the author did not include all of the points he/she wished to include in the actually body paragraph as Ariadne Oliver was excluded. On an opposing note, however, I do feel that points of each body paragraph are not strong enough to fully support the thesis statement. For example, in paragraph one the reader is suddenly bombarded with names of Christie’s characters without an explanation of who they are, or what novels they come from. It was slightly confusing for myself as I needed to do a bit of research in order to figure out who Hercule Poirot, Miss Jane Marple, Ariadne Oliver were. Therefore, it would have been more effective if the author had included a bit of brief, background information as this would make for a greater understanding of the body paragraphs and thesis. Similarly, I feel that the arguments of the essay are not in appropriate order in terms of strength. I believe that the second paragraph should lead the essay as it provides more background knowledge of Agatha’s characters, novels and is an overall stronger argument. Moreover, the second body paragraph needs to be introduced with a more refined topic sentence that reflects upon the thesis of the essay. The thesis states that Agatha Christie engages the audience with her interesting settings, but the topic sentence of this paragraph is, once again, talking about various characters. Also, the supporting arguments in this paragraph are not written in the same order as the introductory sentence, which is an issue that ultimately leads to perplexity. On the contrary, the passage uses connective words which aided in signalling changes and movement in the text.. Aside from the minor glitches, the three body paragraphs work as a unified whole; for example, they contain links between and within all sentences and paragraphs. Basically, it is easy to follow and uses appropriate language to maintain the argument’s focus and to direct the reader. All three of the paragraphs are detailed and legitimate- clearly referring back to each idea throughout the text. For example, in paragraph two of the essay Agatha writes, “...[d]espite their varied locales, the common element that runs through Christie’s novels is the “closed” society. These worlds are cut off culturally, economically, or physically, as in the case of Ten Little Indians, which is set on an island off the Devon coast.” The author clearly states his/her point and follows this by a strong example of Margaret Christie’s work. Overall, the body paragraphs follow a structural pattern and present ideas in an efficient manner which actually enhance the reading material. Finally, the conclusion does a great job summing up all of the information contained throughout the entire essay. The author begins by restating the thesis and summarizing the three argumentative topics (Christie’s morality, her settings and characters) .The application of Christie’s opinions and morality in comparison today’s society really makes one think about what life would be like if her ‘world of moral certainty’ truly existed. Aside from the structural accuracy, the content and comparison to the present day is what truly captivated myself as a reader and made the essay effective.

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