Agamemnon Essay 2

Topics: Trojan War, Agamemnon, Iliad Pages: 2 (542 words) Published: July 22, 2011
In attempting to do a character analysis of Agamemnon, there were several things that I took into consideration. Agamemnon’s personality which was revealed I the things he said and the words he spoke, what he thought, what he did and what the other characters said about him and by how the other characters reacted towards him. I feel as though Agamemnon personality was the most important aspect of his character, but his physical appearance also contributed to his actions. After reading Iliad, I felt as though Agamemnon is also characterized by his personality and most definitely by the things he did and said.

Agamemnon is characterized by what he does. King Agamemnon began many disastrous chains of events when he refused to return Chrysies to her begging father. Many saw him as being foolish and selfish. Agamemnon was stuck up and self centered. Agamemnon, the commander in chief of the Achaean Army resembled Achilles, even though he didn’t appear to be as strong as Achilles. Agamemnon was very hot tempered and insulting. Agamemnon was very arrogant and out spoken. Agamemnon insisted on leading his army against the Trojans, even though it was actually his brother, Menelaus who had the real problem against them. He never allowed the Achaeans to forget he was the king, he loved rubbing in the fact that he was the top gun/ruler.

Agamemnon was further characterized by he said. Again, Agamemnon displayed selfishness and foolishness when he refused to return Chrysies to her pleading father. Agamemnon displayed arrogance when snapping at Achilles. He said things like “I’m coming to your hut and taking Brussels” and “stronger I am than you”. He though he was better than and better off than everyone else. Agamemnon aimed directly at Achilles pride and honor when he so proudly said words that he eventually regretted. Agamemnon’s self words also began a chain of tragic events.

Agamemnon was also characterized by what others said and...
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