Against Use of Animals in Scientific Experiments

Topics: Science, Experiment, Human Pages: 3 (837 words) Published: October 15, 2011
God has created this world such that there is a balance between the humans and non-humans and that they can exist together without complexity. But from when man has started developing he began to treat the non-humans or animals as his inferiors and has begun to give them the least respect. It is evident from history that he considered the beings with less reasoning ability as mediocre beings and made them to serve him. For example plants are for the purpose of serving animals and animals to serve humans.

One of the questions facing society today is whether animals should be used in scientific experimentation. For many centuries people have experimented on animals. There are two main reasons for doing this: first, to find out more about the animals themselves, and secondly, to test substances and procedures to see if they are harmful i.e. with a view to decide whether or not they can be used on human beings. In the second category fall cosmetic products as well as medicines and surgical techniques. There is a growing consensus that cosmetic products cannot be used on animals. So the debate should be about if the animals can be used for medical and surgical testing purposes.

We should give importance to the feelings of our co-non human living beings. When we consider the similar interests of humans and animals we can take the interest to avoid physical pain. It is some interest which both humans and animals share and those interests are to be counted equally with no automatic discount just because one of the beings is not human.
Most persons supporting the use of animals in experimentation do not feel that they are free to harm or abuse animals however they wish or that we lack grounds for having moral concerns over animal suffering, especially when caused by humans. When animals are subjected to experimentation it can produce in them a sense of thwarted agency, diminished selfhood, or ineffectualness,...
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