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Against Uniforms

By TallinnDakota Jan 23, 2013 392 Words
Writing Explanation: Against Uniforms
Who actually likes uniforms? I’m sure some people like them and some people don’t. There are many advantages, but there are also many disadvantages. I, for one, do not like uniforms at all.
We can all agree that having uniforms takes away a child’s individualism and creativity. Educators and sociology experts argue that forcing children to wear identical uniforms takes away their self-expression. Experts also agree that students who are forced to wear uniforms will find another, less appropriate way to creatively express themselves such as make-up and/or jewelry. Have you ever judged someone by their appearance? The most common answer would usually be yes. Every day people are judged by what they wear. Socially, what you wear does matter and can determine what kind of person you are. It is said that school uniforms do not prepare children for when they are adults, in which they will be judged by their appearance. Having no uniforms can better prepare children for when they are applying for a job and such.

Uniforms, in a way, do cost a lot. Some experts believe that uniforms increase the amount of clothing parents will have to buy for their children because the children will still want and need clothing for the hours they are not in school. Experts also believe the cost is a negative characteristic of school uniforms because you cannot use them outside of school. Uniforms can also be more costly for a family who buys from a second- hand store or depends on hand-me-down clothing from friends and family.

Uniforms are usually less comfortable than the clothes you wear outside of school. They reduce one’s ability to select clothing that makes them comfortable. Experts agree that children have to feel comfortable in order to increase learning and that uniforms can make some children less academically successful.

Uniforms take away a child’s individuality, cost a lot, and are uncomfortable. Many schools have uniforms and many schools don’t. We should not take away a child’s creativity. We should let students express themselves appropriately rather than inappropriately. We should also know that if children are uncomfortable, it will be harder for them to focus, thus making them less academically successful. Bullying will still occur with or without uniforms, so what is the point of having them?

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