Against the Broken Family

Topics: Marriage, Family, Love Pages: 2 (752 words) Published: May 4, 2013
Persuasive essay
Against The Broken Family
“If you want to get to the top in life, you are going to have to take the stairs.” Getting married is the bridge to get you to a real successful life. With marriage, couples will show seriousness in working together to make their relationship powerful and faithful if love is present. Some people who are in love get inspiration to get married soon enough to build the bright expectation for their future together. In order to get a step on that stair you need someone who loves and cares about you deeply. The motivation that leads people to get married is the feeling of loneliness. When couples are married, they will not feel alone even if they are a thousand miles away from their own families because relationship between husband and wife is dominant with love. However, many of people in the United States prefer to live together before marriage so they can find out if they are capable getting along well together. From my perspective and my culture, living together before marriage has disadvantages to the couples, so people should get married in order to protect their rights and enjoy their lives together. One reason why I strongly support marriage over living together is that marriage will give the couple the energy to work on their strong commitment to each other. When people get married, they have full knowledge of what responsibilities involve with their marriage. And that will make the relationship last longer than ever. The partners share sorrow and happiness with each other and they also can face all the hardships together. But if they weren’t married, perhaps one partner would feel timid to tell the other person his or her personal issues, which will create a feeling of loneliness. Even though marriage is challenging, couples will feel much closer when they are married and especially when they have kids. Another reason people should get married instead of living together is to create a family and protect the rights...
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