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Against School Uniforms

By mizzmiami Oct 30, 2008 816 Words
Enlarge ImageStudents, especially those who study at schools would always like to be free of rules and regulations. They want to go up with the fashions. Just because of fact that they try to mention facts against school uniforms. Which is true to some extent. There are some students who face certain problems to stay up-to-date with latest fashion. However, it doesn’t affect majority of students. School uniforms are raising up as a big question in front students' parents and school administration. There are some people against school uniforms but most of the community responds in very positive manner.

School administration may require a school uniform when it has an overwhelming need to put into place. This is agreeable, but to put school uniforms into effect a vote must occur with the parents of the school district before bringing the idea up with the school board. The student body should also have their opinion voiced to the school board. Students should be given a chance to give arguments against school uniforms. So that decision could be taken in positive way.

There is one more conflict co-exists is the issue on if clothing is a form of symbolism. Some say it could be a form of speech. This could be true to some extent but if a piece of clothing is disrupting or offending anyone should be removed and never seen on the premises. Yes, students should be able to dress the way they want, but schools should have the right to set standards and create more of a dress code, not a unique uniform that each student must wear.

Initially, it was a good concept of a school uniform, but there are some flaws and specific items that go along with it that people dislike. If a dress code was created, the same objectives could possibly be achieved as through a school uniform. This dress code wouldn't be extremely tight where the students involved would become upset over the issue. With a moderate dress code misconduct and student conflicts would considerably decrease, because the students would be able to dress closely to the way they want, yet taking away some brand names or unpleasant apparel that satisfies the school district, and parents of students. Misconduct will always occur in schools not matter what type of clothing students wear, students who are problems will always seem to be a problem. This dress code may decrease misconduct but I doubt it would eliminate it, but it would be a great start.

The main reason schools in America choose not to allow their students to wear their own clothes is because of the gangs. Having a uniform stops gang members from displaying their colors and garb. The schools also believe it helps stop violence and helps instill a sense of pride in the students. It also helps to break down the barriers between different socioeconomic groups

Below are some facts in favor of school uniforms and some facts against school uniforms taken from a message-board regarding the issue

"I feel we should keep to the uniform. It sets an example of the school. It is representation of the community. It is easy to point out different people. Also there would be more fights / bully's due to the lack of 'fashion'."

Many schools throughout the U.S. force students grades kindergarten through twelfth to wear uniforms. Students who attend public schools went on the other side for four reasons against school uniforms.

1. School uniforms inhibit student’s individuality. Young people often express their feelings through the clothing that they wear. Uniforms will take away this form of expression. Why should school districts try to make everyone look the same?

2. A school uniform policy inhibits a student's freedom of choice. Schools teach students that our country is a free one. But when school boards make students wear what they tell them too-- it curtails the students' freedom.

3. There is the issue of cost. Many parents shop for their children's clothes at used and discount stores. Uniforms can cost more money than these families might be able to afford. This has remained the main reason of cons of school uniform to become popular. Also, these students would need to buy additional clothing to wear after school and on the weekends. That's double the amount of money a family would spend than they would without the uniforms.

The bottom line is that more and more schools are adopting school uniform policies. Where is this trend heading? Already we have seen that school uniforms are not just affecting students- students are reflecting school uniforms cons. The old school uniforms are passing away. Fewer and fewer people are opting for the traditional plaid and blazer ensemble in favor of a more fashionable uniform. Styles are being updated to suit the times.

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