Against Prostitution Paper

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Prostitution Should Not Be Legal
Theodore Roosevelt once said “[to] educate a person in the mind but not in morals is to educate a menace to society”. Teddy was a wise and moral man; one should take his advice when coming to a timely and moral decision such as the one with prostitution. Prostitution is an act that is detrimental to the self-dignity and morals that all humans should have, regardless of religion. Morals are the basis of humanity, without them, humans would be nothing more than supremely intelligent savages. By allowing the injustice of prostitution to reign prevalent, we would be inching closer to an emotionless and moral-lacking creature that one sees in science fiction. Prostitution should be illegal because it will increase STD rates, it promotes human trafficking, and because it is degrading to women.

There are three types of slavery in this world; emotional, mental, and physical. Prostitution manages to utilize all three, thus confirming its dangerous nature. Human trafficking is done to force human beings into prostitution to make money; therefore legalizing prostitution will only further encourage human trafficking. Richard Poulin,(Professor at the University of Montreal), found that in countries where prostitution is legal; the majority of the prostitutes are foreigners with no papers, making them largely suspects of being sex slaves (Poulin). Take Amsterdam for example, where research shows that eighty percent of the prostitutes there are foreigners, and seventy percent of them have no papers (Poulin). This indicates that the majority of the prostitutes there are victims of human trafficking. Another point is that since prostitution is legal in some countries, then that country would attract more tourists who are seeking sexual services; in turn leading to a higher demand for prostitutes, simultaneously encouraging human-trafficking (Dorchen). It is very clear then that the legalization of prostitution will lead to a whole new wave of slaves in the worst form.

There is an estimated 110 million cases of STDs in the United States, and those numbers are increasing every day (CDC). STDs are some of the terrible consequences of lust, and if that lust were to increase there is no telling how amplified STD rates would be. By legalizing prostitution, sex will become an excessive part of life, brothels would become the harbor for disease ready to spread. As the World Health Organization pointed out, the main way of transmitting the HIV disease is through prostitutes and the men who sleep with them, also in turn affecting the men’s wives and babies (JRSM 319). Furthermore, evidence from a controlled experiment regarding prostitutes and venereal diseases; found that out of the sample size, only around eleven percent of prostitutes are STD free (Chambers 69). The reality is that promiscuity will be encouraged if prostitution is legal, inevitably leading to a surge in STD rates never before seen. Women like Jane Addams and Alice Paul once fought very hard to destroy the old notion of inequality towards women; with the legalization of prostitution, these great women’s vision will be severely tainted. Women are presumably the backbone of prostitution, because of that the pimps that run prostitution rings typically will do anything to keep their women doing this degrading job. By legalizing prostitution, one would be degrading women, seeing how they are the brunt of the of prostitution industry. Recent statistics in the United Kingdom show that sixty three percent of women prostitutes experience violence, and seventy five percent of those prostitutes had been physically assaulted by their pimps (AVA). One could assume that in the United States those statistics are similar but the proportion is way larger here as well. All in all, prostitution only leads to women being cruelly controlled, and abused. Many argue that prostitution is beneficial to the economy, while this may be true, that is not justification at...

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