Against Legalization of Marijuana

Topics: Medicine, Cannabis, Pharmacology Pages: 2 (573 words) Published: June 9, 2005
There currently exists a great debate concerning Legalization of marijuana. Many people are against the idea, but there are a number of people who fight for the idea to legalize Marijuana. The people that try to Legalize Marijuana use two major arguments in their effort to have marijuana legalized. First, which is by far the biggest argument is that marijuana has a significant medical use. The second is that marijuana does not cause harm to those that smoke it. Both of these arguments can be easily discounted by the numerous studies that have been done on the effects of marijuana both medicinal and recreational. Many well-intentioned leaders and members of the public have been misled by the well financed and organized pro-drug legalization lobby into believing there is merit to their argument that smoking marijuana is a safe and effective medicine. A review of the scientific research, expert medical testimony, and government agency findings shows this to be erroneous. There is no justification for using marijuana as a medicine. The movement to legitimise smoking marijuana as a medicine is not encouraged by doctors and scientists. The studies cited by the marijuana advocates have been found to be unscientific, poorly researched, and involved pharmaceutical THC, not marijuana. An advocate that claimed he was an expert, was in fact a wellness counsellor at a health spa who admitted under oath to using every illegal mind-altering drug he ever studied. Another expert admitted he had not kept up with new medical or scientific information on marijuana for over 18 years. Another doctor claimed there was a lot of medical research on the effectiveness of marijuana but under oath, when asked to cite the number of the studies, he replied, I would doubt very few. The fact is that there is not one reliable scientific study that shows smoking marijuana to be a safe and effective drug. The majority of the marijuana advocates' evidence comes from unscientific, non-scrutinized or...
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