Against Concealed Carry Law

Topics: Concealed carry in the United States, Firearm, Gun politics Pages: 7 (2454 words) Published: December 5, 2013
I-Search Paper on Concealed Carry
The topic of concealed carry is something that a lot of people are talking about. Turn on the news, the radio, read the newspaper, surf the internet and the topic of conceal carry will be discussed. The reason it is so highly discussed is due to the effect that conceal carry will have on everyone regardless of race, age, and socio-economic background.

As a resident of Illinois, the most recent state to adopt concealed carry, there continues to be much concern about how it will be monitored and enforced. Will there be an increase in public safety with the adoption of concealed carry or will there be an increase in gun related injuries and fatalities. RESEARCH PROCESS

The research process for this paper consisted of a comprehensive search via internet of journal articles related to gun control and concealed carry, library database review, newspaper archives, and broadcast media reports. For the journal articles and the library database review, the key words “concealed carry” and “gun control” were utilized. In reviewing the results from the use of the key words, journal articles were then organized chronologically from oldest to most recent publication date within groups of relevant subject matter. The selected articles were reviewed and pertinent information was noted for use.

Since Illinois is the most recent state to adopt the concealed carry law, newspaper archives were examined for articles concerning the issue in the local News Gazette, the Springfield State Journal Register and the Chicago Tribune. Articles written in 2013 discussing the adoption of the law were used to build a timeline covering the process to date.

Broadcast media sources were searched for recent broadcasts related to concealed carry and gun control, and for examples of recent gun violence where the passage of concealed carry was proposed as the solution to preventing future incidents or blamed as the reason the incidents occurred. Broadcasts fulfilling these requirements were viewed and used to provide evidence on both sides of the issue.

Finally, websites for groups on both sides of the issue were reviewed for commentary and viewpoints that would greater examine the arguments both for and against concealed carry. The National Rifle Association (NRA) and the Students for Concealed Carry, both national organizations provided the voice for pro concealed carry. To represent those against concealed carry, The National Order of Fraternal Police and FINDINGS

The May 2013 online article by Facts on File News Services, takes a closer look at gun control following the violence that broke out in an elementary school taking the lives of children and teachers. It was another senseless shooting that shook the nation and seemed it was the final straw forcing individuals and government offices to increase efforts to tighten gun laws. The second-deadliest mass shooting ever to occur in the United States was the Newton shooting. Only by the 2007 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University shooting where a gunman had took 32 lives before committing suicide was more deadly. It brought the total number of mass shootings in the United States to three in 2012. It was reported in December of 2012 that the Obama administration would support a bill to ban assault weapons, as well as consider a ban on high-capacity magazines, preventing the operator of a gun from rapid fire and rapid reload of a firearm. January 2013, President Obama urged Congress to pass gun control measures requiring background checks and declaring a ban on assault weapon. His message was that background checks would tighten the ability of individuals to purchase weapons from gun shows or from private dealers where background checks were not required. Close control on the sale of military-style semi-automatic guns or ‘assault weapons’ was perceived to be a much more difficult process. When put to a vote in front of the senate,...

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