Against Abortion Essay 3

Topics: Pregnancy, Abortion, Uterus Pages: 2 (537 words) Published: December 20, 2010
Against Abortion’s

Abortion’s should be illegal throughout the world because it is cruelty and mean for killing an unborn child it is unnecessary for an adult to do such a cruel thing. An abortion is a issue affecting our society. Many people feel that abortion's is a situation that should be done because they have been raped, or health issues that will hurt the mother's life. Killing innocent children is unethical especially the way the procedures are done. The child that is growing inside the woman's stomach should be born and live a great life. Abortion's is a highly controversial and debatable matter life and death are related. People also think about the mental and emotional state of the family. Abortion's can emotionally and physically mess up a women's life, mind, and their body. I learned that abortion's can also give a woman breast, uterine, and cervical cancer.

Abortion is the worst thing a woman can do against human dignity. It is a crime against life. Nobody has the right to kill or hurt a new living being. Abortion's is immoral and it should not be legalized, many countries fight against it. Abortion's is also a threat to the mother's life and their health. A woman can suffer an infection or internal bleeding, she can also become sterilized the permanent to bear a child. Abortion's not only kills the baby but it may kill the mother too. If the mother is using drugs she could suffer dangerous side effects and give the mother severe pain. Many complications are common after abortion's, like inflammation of the reproductive organs.

None of the methods women use to abort are completly safe one of the most common methods used is suction aspiration. Great care must be taken to prevent the uterus from being damaged , which would cause hemorrhage. Another method used for babies as old as twenty four weeks, is the Dilation and Evacuation. Although against abortion's arguments will help people reach a reasonable decision on the issue . If each...
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