Against abortion essay

Topics: Abortion, Pregnancy, Birth control Pages: 3 (951 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Against abortion
* Every child is a precious and unique gift from God. We have no right to destroy this * Defenceless baby needs special protection since it cannot stand up for its own rights * The embryo is human from conception with its own DNA. Left alone, it will develop into a person * Children with physical or learning disabilities can lead full and rewarding lives. Aborting people because of disability is like telling disabled people that they are worthless * Abortion is murder – the deliberate taking of a human life * Doctors and nurses promised to save life, not destroy it. Abortion breaks the Hippocratic Oath * The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child says that children need protection both before and after birth * Unwanted babies could be adopted. Many childless couples are desperate to adopt * You are killing a human being. She/he may be unborn, but they are still a life and deserve to live that life, whether it is an inconvenience to you or not. * If you are going to have an abortion and are already planning on keeping it a secret, that shows right there that you would feel bad if people knew you had done this deed. You will feel guilt and just like if you were to kill another person and no one found out, you yourself would know and feel guilt and shame about it. It would tear you apart * What if you were raped and got pregnant? That new life still should be able to live their life. It may be lived through adoption or in a different home, but even though you were wronged, you have no right to kill another person because of this wrong done to you. * My argument is always that there are so many couples that cannot have babies and are broken hearted because of it. So instead of aborting your baby give it up for adoption and to a loving family. It’s not fair to those people who all they want is a baby and then there are all these girls throwing away babies like they are nothing. * If you think...
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