Against Abortion

Topics: Abortion, Roe v. Wade, Pro-choice Pages: 4 (1204 words) Published: February 22, 2013

Pro-life and they believe that abortion is murdering an unborn child. Abortion is an issue that impacts human society and the world, because of the debate about moral, religious, health problems, and ethical issues. For many years people had fought about abortion if it should be illegal or legal. Many people believe that it should be legal and these people are called pro-choice. Pro-choice advocate believe that it’s the woman’s right to choose to have the child. There are many people that want congress to pass the law that would make abortion illegal Pro- choice believes that abortion is a choice that should be decided by the women that want to child. A definition of pro-choice is “advocating a woman's right to control her own body (especially her right to an induced abortion)”. It’s not murder since the fetus is not fully human so it’s not really defiance against God. It should be the woman’s choice because it their body. Many of the women don’t want to suffer the pain and the emotional trauma of the pregnancy when they have an abortion and labor just to give it up so they should allow woman’s to choice there rights.

Pro-life believe that abortion is murder. A definition of pro- life is “advocating full legal protection of embryos and fetuses (especially opposing the legalization of induced abortions)”. it makes no sense for a woman to kill an innocent child that is not even born. The bible says “thou shalt not kill”. A fetus is the beginning of life. Also is a direct defiance of God’s will. There are many women who abort because they are young, poor, and drug users, and there are my couples that are willing to adopt an unwanted child.

Religion plays a role in abortion in many ways. There are many religions that abortion is bad well others don’t. Women think so who are protestant and women that had abortion from different type of religion are 37 percent as catholic is 31 percent and Jewish is 1 percent. Women that don’t believe in any...
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