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By bitchtitsnigga Apr 24, 2014 519 Words
Leigha Crawford

“The Father of India”
When you mention the name Gandhi most people think of peace and nonviolence but what most people don’t know is that, too many Mahatma Gandhi is called “The Father of India”. There are many reasons why Gandhi got this powerful title. The main reason is because he united Indians behind him and forced the British to give them independence, and he stuck to his word and did it all without resorting to violence. Some people believe that he is truly the greatest man of modern times.

Another reason why Gandhi is considered “The Father of India” is because if he had not spoken up, the same problems would be prevalent today, which should have been resolved long ago. Mahatma Gandhi influenced many people to start believing in non-violence and push the British Laws using words and non-violence. He is a peace maker and gave people the chance for equal opportunities. Gandhi attempted to practice nonviolence and truth in all situations, and advocated that others do the same.

Also he is known as that because the Indian economy was suffering; Gandhi was strongly motivated to free India from the unhealthy economy, and did so in a father-like manner. Gandhi sought to rid India of the British superpower, and achieve his goals of an India that was fully dependent upon itself, and a country where all men and women, regardless of their religion or creed were treated as equals. He tried to make things better for poor people and people from India. Instead of fighting the British, Gandhi told everyone that they should use "passive resistance." In other words, he wanted to fight with words instead of bullets.

I would say that Gandhi's title as "father of the nation" is because he had a vision for how the nation of India should function. He provided the template for a political and spiritual vision of the nation. Just as a parent should provide both physical and spiritual notions of the good to a child, Gandhi did this for his nation. While other leaders possessed conceptions of what India could be, Gandhi was able to posit a notion of the good where political freedom was sought after spiritual liberation. In this light, he sought to transform the nation and those who were in it. It is because of this that he is called "Father." He sought to give much more than a political ideal. Gandhi's methods of protest, stances on politics, and his entire state of being were based on spiritual elevation. It is in this that we see individuals flocking to both his ideas and his teachings, just as one would flock to a wise father.

In conclusion, Gandhi is and always will be “the father of India” because he did so much for them. Gandhi was a much respected man in India and he done lots for the country. He had got India independence without harming anyone in the process. Gandhi spent 20 years in South Africa working to fight discrimination. He had so many obstacles to go through to get the independence for India.

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