Afternoon Naps

Topics: Sleep, Nap, Siesta Pages: 1 (363 words) Published: October 7, 2008
At last, the bell had rung. I can finally rush home and get to my favorite part of the day-- nap time. Why do you suppose so? Because after staying up for an important assignment until midnight, the lack of sleep makes my morning extremely tiresome and dull. After hours of boring classes, I am finally able to replenish my energy. After taking a joyous nap, I am prepared for an adventurous rest of my day, whether it’s boy scout meetings, a game of basketball, a night to the movies, regardless of the activity, physical or emotional, I feel more energetic and acquire a more positive attitude all around. Now, what would you assume could happen if I had not taken this afternoon nap? You best not come around me on those days.

Some might consider afternoon naps a complete waste of time, but I beg to differ. Taiwan, for example, reinforces nap time by simply fit it into the daily school schedule in addition to regular classes and lunch breaks. The Chinese believe in the basic concept that the average test scores are reported higher when students do make nap time a regular event in their daily routine as suppose to those who don’t. The reason within the higher test scores is explained with the studies done of discovering the relationships between the improvement of long-term memory and afternoon naps. Naps don’t only improve students’ academic status; studies also show that it may decrease the risk of dying from a heart attack or other heart diseases. Taking a nap as short as ten minutes can enhance alertness, mood and mental performance, it also has stress-releasing properties.

Taking an afternoon nap is something that I believe is definitely necessary to become a successful individual. When I don’t take my naps, I become furious at random situations, and frustrated with many people. Tat will make me unconscious of what is going on during that day. Even researches have shown that naps are not just good for you mentally but it is also good for you physically. Once...
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