after school activeties

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After School Activities
Mr. Charlie sport that I think would be a great after school activity is the game of football. It is a known fact that if your are in football you are more likely to get in shape and stay in it. I played football last year for the optimose club last year. It gave me something to instead of just sitting around playing video games and got me in shape. Here are three reasons why we should have football as an after school activity it fun, keeps you or gets you fit, teaches you discipline and teamwork, and it is one of the best ways to relieve stress. I am going to explain the first reason. I think it is fun because you get to take out all your anger from that day and release all of it in the football game. You can be as physical as you want within the rules and you get cheered for it. It isn't a game for the weak of have to love to hit people and be able to take the hits also. There are toughness lessons that you learn that stay with you forever and you learn to truly respect your opponent - not fear him. Teamwork is vital in football, as without it you will not be successful. Although each individual player has his own role, the whole team has to work together as a unit in order to succeed. Being a good team member is an excellent attribute to have as a child, which can carry over to your adult life because work situations often require you to perform at your best as part of a team. Playing in football games also teaches you how to be a humble winner and a gracious loser. Football can be an excellent way for people of all ages to develop their level of discipline. As a player, you are expected to treat your teammates, coaches and the opposition with respect. You need to be motivated to attend practice sessions, play in games and perform at your best. Football can be useful in instilling discipline at an early age to those who may not receive it at home or in school. Is it keeps you fit because you have to be ready to play...
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