After-Sale Service of Online Marketing

Topics: Marketing, Customer service, Internet Pages: 5 (1452 words) Published: February 13, 2013
On-line marketing: the impacts of after-sales service
Recent years have witnessed the increasing demands of consumers, the high product quality cannot be the only element for satisfying consumers but the after-sale service gradually dominants the purchasing psychology. In general, the after-sales service is one of the critical success factors for enhancing the consumer satisfaction, which is acknowledged by Asugman, al.(1997) to some extent. More specifically, the further study from Smith (1998) emphasizes that the purchase intentions of the consumers is strongly influenced by the customer satisfaction about the ancillary services. For the purpose of this essay, after-sale service is defined as a range of services that the enterprise or dealer provide to the consumer after the sales of product, which can include the product introduction, the delivery and installation as well as the maintenance, etc. (Baidu cyclopedia,2012). It is vital to examine this area in order to achieve the consumer satisfaction, what’s more to make a success of on-line marketing. The question that remains to be answered is whether the after-sales service is the major element for the success of on-line marketing, or whether the managers should make the after-sales service become the augmented auxiliary production. .

This research paper will take into account both sides of the issue, and critically evaluating the main views and evidence offered. Arguments will firstly be discussed from the Internet market environmental perspective. Subsequently, the evaluation of the overall impact of after-sales service on the network marketing will be demonstrated. Finally, the conclusions along with recommendations made to internet managers will be explored.

Nowadays, the marketplace has a dramatic change as Rajan Varadarajan and Manjit S. Yadav(2009) assert that the competitive landscape has changed from the predominantly physical marketplace to one encompassing the physical marketplace and electronic marketplace, namely the Internet market environment. Whereas opponents who consider the after-sales service is the less important factor of the on-line marketing success claim that people prefer to purchasing on-line should attribute to the cheap and high-quality goods in the online-shop. It is contended that the Internet environment can provide an opportunity for the customer to select whatever they want and most consumers prefer to buy products as quickly as possible, which is also the convenience of the on-line market.(Baidu library, no date) Furthermore, the advertisements on the Internet often act as the facilitator who can promote the consumer to boost their purchasing interests, which in turn increase the profit of the company. However, the supporters against that the increasing innovative products in the Internet are not the major part of successful on-line marketing but the after-sales service due to the virtual Internet environment. For instance, R.G. Bundschuh and T.M. Dezvane (2003) investigate that in some online companies, they can obtain higher profit generated by after-sales service than the one from the sales, the service market can be four or five times larger than the market for products. Moreover, the large volume of information in the Internet environment can greatly contribute to the quality of after-sales service. The Taobao online shop in China can be an appropriate example, it has a integral network of after-sales service with appropriate usage of the communicating software named Aliwangwang.(Baidu cyclopedia, no date) Consequently, the after-sales service in the online environment plays an incentive role in making success of on-line market.

Another convincing statement insisted by those who disapprove the perspective that after-sales service is the main factor of on-line marketing success is that the impact of after-sales service sometimes put pressure to the sales procedure. Hartline and Ferrell(1996) claim that the...
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